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Sammy Miller Vanishing Point Rocket Cars
Sammy Miller blows out the windows of the control tower at Santa Pod in 1982

Video of the 1984 World Finals at Santa Pod. Sammy blasting off at 2min


Fast Facts!
Slam'n Sammy Miller – the World's Fastest Accelerating Man
0-60mph in 0.28secs, 0-100mph in 0.36secs
Subjects Sammy to around 13G. Those Top Gun fighter pilots don't know nothin'

Quarter Mile World Records
Fastest terminal: 386mph in the Oxygen rocket car.
Quickest Elapsed Time: 3.58secs in Vanishing Point 2002/R Ford Mustang

Eighth Mile World Records
Fastest : 319mph (2.54sec) in Vanishing Point 2001/R Chevrolet Vega.
Quickest: 1.60sec (298mph) in Vanishing Point 2003/R Pontiac Trans Am.

World Ice Record
247mph (1.6sec) over 200ft in Oxygen rocket dragster.

Outlaw Desert Thunder
3.85sec/395.4mph in Vanishing Point 2002/R Ford Mustang.

Maximum Power
Vanishing Point 2001/R Chevrolet Vega:
5,000lbs thrust – 10,000bhp.
Oxygen rocket dragster:
10,000lbs thrust – 20,000bhp.
Vanishing Point 2002/R Ford Mustang:
12,000lbs thrust – 24,000bhp.
Vanishing Point 2003/R Pontiac Trans Am:
14,000lbs thrust – 28,000bhp.

Vanishing Point 2002/R Mustang 0-109mph in 32feet!

"I just walk off on another highway in the sky man... "

Rocket man Samuel A. Miller, alias, Slamin' Sammy.

Born April 15, 1945, Test Pilot, Designer, Driver, Builder and Instructor of Rocket funny cars,  dragsters and motorcycles. World quarter mile record holder since 1975. United States Congretional Salute and certificate of Merit 1988. World ice speed record 1981. NHRA Division 1 Hall of Fame. Holder of 30 US track and state records. Builder of the world's first approved rocket car 'Spirit of 76'.
The man has a resume that looks more like an excerpt out of the Guinness Book of Records!
Here in Europe Sammy Miller is best known for his Vanishing Point Rocket Cars, 2001, 2002, 2003 which he ran from 1976 to 1986. Some of you will remember the last time he ran at Santa Pod back in 1986. Some of you will also remember what a 300+ mph run looks like. Those of you are don't are in for an exhilarating thrill of a lifetime!
Due to popular demand, Santa Pod have brought Sammy Miller and the Mustang-bodied Vanishing Point Rocket Car back from the US. The rocket engine is new. The fuel is Hydrogen Peroxide. The experience is out of this world. We hope you enjoy it!
Sammy's runs will be on Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon only

Here are just a few of Sammy's speedy achievements over the last 20 years ….

1/4 mile records
	First 5 second Funny Car
	First 4 second Funny Car
	First 250mph Funny Car
	First 300mph Funny Car
	First 350mph Funny Car
	First 250mph car in Europe
	First 300mph car in Europe
	1/4 mile record 396mph in 3.58 seconds
	1/8 mile record 319mph in 1.60 seconds

1/4 mile
	Canada 4.26 secs at 331mph
	Denmark 4.97 secs at 267mph
	England 3.58 secs at 386mph
	Mexico 4.95 secs at 274mph
1/8 mile
	Belgium 3.13 secs at 211mph
	Holland 1.60 secs at 307mph
	Sweden 2.27 secs at 297mph
	Germany 2.49 secs at 259mph

Card Handout:

Blast Off
Slam'n Sammy 

The World's Fastest Accelerating Man

0-60mph	 0.28 seconds
0-100mph 0.36 seconds
1/8mile	 1.606 seconds & 319mph
1/4mile	 3.58 seconds & 386mph
World Ice Speed Record (Oxygen rocket dragster)
         247 mph in 1.6 seconds

A Super Thrust Power Portrait (c) Mike Collins
Vega pic courtesy Andy Willsheer
2001/R Chevrolet Vega 5000lb thrust/10000hp
0-316mph 2.54 seconds
2002/R Ford Mustang 12000lb thrust/24000hp
0-109mph in 32 feet

Designed/built by Sammy Miller. Paint by Bob Gerdes, Circus Custom Paints, Hebron, NY.
130in wheelbase 60in rear track 42in low. Front axle/steering Mark Williams.
Tyres 5x25 Goodyear Front Runners 10x27 Goodyear Talladega (NASCAR) all at 45 psi.
Hurst Airheart brakes. Deist parachute & safety equipment. Total weight 1100lbs.
GG Industries radial rocket weighs 97lb developing 14000lb thrust/28000hp.
20 gallons of 87% Degussa hydogen peroxide would give Sammy a 3.58 elapsed time.
Performance potential 0-400mph plus under 4 seconds. 0-200mph under 1 second!
Watch out for shock waves and don't blink . . . Seeing is not always believing!

37ft long 10ft rear track 8ft tall
Basic engine as 2003/R Trans Am - plus a
booster developing 5000lb thrust/10000hp
to take Sammy Miller slam'n through the
sound barrier to a new World Land Speed
Record. Performance potential 800mph plus!

Launch Music

Superman Theme- John Williams
Oxygene Part II - Jean Michel Jarre
Oxygene Part IV - Jean Michel Jarre
Madrigal Meridian (Cyclone) - Tangerine Dream
Rocket Man - Elton John
2001 A Space Odyssey - Richard Strauss
5-4-3-2-1 Thunderbirds Are Go ! - Barry Gray

Nobody Knows (Vanishing Point Soundtrack 1971) - Kim Carnes
Vanishing Point film
Vanishing Point film
Vanishing Point trailer
Vanishing Point (1971) soundtrack list

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Santa Pod 1978 - cine 8 - Sammy Miller 300mph 3 second run


ABC-TV coverage of the USA#1 Rocket Dragster 1979
1979 World Series - Santa Pod
Sammy Miller – Oxygen Rocket Car
Drag Racing action from 1979 including the UK's first 300m.p.h. run as Sammy Miller records 307m.p.h. in 4.20secs with his "Vanishing Point" Rocket Funny Car.
Clips from Time Travel 51 DVD.

Trevor Webber's sound cine film from the 1979 September World Series including Sammy Miller in his Vanishing Point Rocket Funny Car,
the parade of Fuelers, Funnies and Pro Comps which were all fired up together, the wet T-shirt contestants and the record breaking
Funny Car final as Gene Snow wins with a holeshot 6.04 to Raymond Beadle's 6.00/227mph!!!
1979 World Series


Santa Pod Drag Racing 1980 Season - Super 8 Sound Film
Sammy Miller Vanishing Point Rocket Car Sept 1980
Vanishing Point – Drag Festival Mantorp Park 1980 part 1 (TD - Madrigal Meridian music)


Slam'n Sammy Miller and Ron Vigneri's world record holding "Oxygen" rocket powered ice racer. 
It used a rocket engine of a radial screen catalyst design, rather than the traditional packed disk design, 
which was installed with the ability to produce the equivalent of 8,000 horsepower at about 600 psia inlet pressure 
with 90% concentration by weight hydrogen peroxide. 
On Sunday Feb. 15th 1981 with a crowd of over 20,000 people watching to a Slam'n Sammy Miller 
officially took Oxygen from 0 to 247.78 mph in 500 feet in 1.6 seconds. A new World Record.

Oxygen Ice Record
World Ice Speed Record – Rocket Man Inc.
Santa Pod Sammy Miller Oxygen Rocket Car 1981
Sammy Miller - Oxygen - 1981
Sammy Miller Rocket FC at OCIR 6-20-1981
Sammy Miller Vanishing Point Rocket car at Santa Pod Raceway C.1981
1981 Olympics of Drag Racing - Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Sammy Miller blows out the windows of the control tower at Santa Pod in 1982
Awesome-watch-sammy-miller-run-4-73-in-his-rocket-funny-car-and-blow-all-the-windows-out-of-the-santa-pod-tower - 1982
World Record Quarter Mile! (3.22 at 402MPH!)
1982 World Finals Santa Pod part 15 - Sammy Miller
Sammy Miller – 1982
1982 Cannonball Santa Pod 6 - including a 4.06 at 284mph from Sammy Miller in the 'Oxygen' Rocket Dragster
Sammy Miller 3.81 - 7th July 1982 – Sammy Miller attempts to break Kitty O'Neils 1/4 mph Record of 3.74 in the Oxygen Record Car
Sammy Miller Interview
Drag Racing from Zandvoort Holland 1982 - Part 1 - Sammy Miller and Allan Herridge run some side by side rocket car races



Vanishing Point - Sammy Miller in his Rocket car, American daredevil performing in Zandvoort,The Netherlands 1984 Doing 1/8 Mile in 1.7 Sec
1984 World Finals Santa Pod
Sammy Miller at Santa Pod 1984
Worlds Fastest 1/4 mile ever on dragstrip 3.58 secs @ 386 mph (621.61 km/h)


1985 - “Hello, my name is Sammy Miller”
Rocketbike Henk Vink NL en rocketcar Sammy Miller USA recordpogingen - 1985
The legendary Henk Vink on his Rocket Bike in Zandvoort
Drag Race Zandvort 1985 - Sammy Miller Vanishing Point Rocket car


1986 – Rocket car hero Sammy Miller's run and crash at the Hockenheimring
Drag Racing Zandvoort 1986 4 - Sammy Miller
Hockenheim Drag Racing 1986









Rocket man Sammy Miller talking in the Pits Santa Pod 1994
Sammy Miller Vanishing Point rocket funny car fire - Santa Pod Cannonball 1994
Sammy Miller Jet Dragster 5.71/285 - Santa Pod World Finals 1994
Sammy Miller Jet Dragster Fire


Drag Racing 1995 - Sammy Miller Jet Dragster Nitrolympx Hockenheim
Drag Racing 1995 - Sammy Miller Jet Dragster Nightshow NitrolympX Hockenheim








Rocket Funny Car Vanishing Point in the Pits
Sammy Miller Rocket Car - SpeedFreaks Ball - 2002
Santa Pod Speedball: Rocket Powered Car
Sammy Miller's Rocket Car - Antony Billinton assisting
Rocket Funny Car – Antony Billinton assisting2


Vanishing Point Sammy Miller
Sammy Miller with Ky Michaelson's LSR Car
Was Sammy Miller Really That Fast?
Sammy Miller's Rocket Car at Santa Pod

Larry Flickinger Natural High Rocket Funny Car
Santa Pod Speedball: Rocket Powered Car
Sammy - side by side run
Dana Van Dersarl USA #1 Rocket Dragster at AVR
Sammy Miller with Ky Michaelson's LSR Car
Spirit Of America Sonic Arrow (Formula Shell LSRV) - Craig Breedlove's Supersonic Challenger
FASTEST car we’ve EVER filmed..10,000hp - 300mph in the 1/4mile!
Eric Teboul - Rocket Bike 5.232 seconds (WORLD RECORD!) Santa Pod 2010 FIA Main Event
Rocket Bike [5.5@394] World Record vs Rocket Car [5.2@351] - Eric Teboul vs Bob Feeler
Drag Racing 2012 - Hydrogen Rocket Car on Sunday - NitrOlympX Hockenheim - David Pertué - Vanishing Point
Drag Racing 2012 - Nightshow - Hydrogen Rocket Car - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
Draggin In Olde England Part 1
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Article on rocket car times
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Boss Cat Legacy site - Oxygen - Ice record>
-- Posted by Berserko Bob on 4:28 am on Nov. 7, 2002 All during Sammy Miller's career I often heard about a balls-out run he made in Florida that was supposedly the quickest 1/4 mile run ever, even surpassing the 3.48 he ran in Europe. After his funeral I received the following email and with the authors permission am posting it here for all to ponder. Dear Berserko Bob, I am a long time friend of Sammy Miller, I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and my Dad worked for Sammy on the Vanishing Point Rocket Funny Cars and was also on the crew for the Ice run done by Oxygen at Lake George. Well, I want to tell you a little story about when he attempted to break the world 1/4 mile speed record at Miami-Hollywood in 1981. Sammy had rented the track the Thursday before he was suppose to run that weekend, you know the exibition weekend singles he did here ( about once every couple of months) as a matter of fact it was in late March early April of 81. He came with-in 1/10,000 of the record. Well, we ran out of time for the track. Sammy said we are going to do this and as you know they would not allow Sammy to go under 4's in the States. So I am here to tell you now, and I was there, Sammy did the ultimate unthinkable, He broke the record that weekend in front of spectators so NHRA will not recognize it . Sit down for this, 2.87 sec. @ 398.12 MPH. Trust me on this, Sammy was like my uncle.. and I was there for every pass he made in Florida. When someone like him is in your life you remember every detail especially when you're 14 years old. I will greatly miss him but I truely love him for all the great memories. Thanks for listening Bob. Tommy Leckliter Jr. Let the debate begin...

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